3 Home Buying Tips You Should Not Miss

For individuals looking to spread their wings, buying a new home can seem like a big investment. More than being a huge commitment and an even bigger responsibility, buying a house is the fulfilment of one’s dreams. As a matter of fact, this is one life goal that many people around the world aspire to achieve.

As a new home buyer, it can be overwhelming to choose what property to buy. Whilst others might easily be swayed by certain looks or features, it is certainly important to look beyond the physical. Since it’s easy to let your heart rule over your head, you need to prevent personal biases from taking over rational choices. Here is a checklist when buying a property:

Location and Type of Neighbourhood

When purchasing a house, everyone has something different in mind. Some people thrive in a lively and bustling environment that is close to the city. Others even avoid the long commute, thus enduring tight spaces just to live near tourist spots, restaurants or theatres.

However, there are also individuals who have long resigned themselves to bigger spaces and dare I say, greener pastures. With multiple rooms to house your belongings, a regularly maintained lawn and reputable schools nearby, owning a spacious house in the suburbs is a great choice.

Depending on your needs, you may need to stick to the suburbs. This is particularly correct if you want to start a family. However, if you find living on the outskirts to be too high maintenance, city living might just be up your alley. Just make sure that your neighbourhood is safe and sound.

Structurally Sound

Since you’ll be investing most of your life savings in a new home, you might want to see if the foundation is structurally sound. Look for some of the common red flags. These include flooding in the basements, leaky pipes and other structural, electrical and mechanical issues. If so, you’ll need to call in leak detection specialists in Brisbane and a trusted electrician or you can notify the seller immediately once you spotted any damage in the property.

Likewise, make sure to check for moulds, foundation cracks, termite infestations and even rodent problems. If you find these within the property, don’t hesitate to ask a specialist or an inspector to see if these factors have weakened the overall structure.

Smart Features

Since you might not want to build your dream home with bare bones, make sure that your chosen property has all the right features. Beyond the number of rooms, the height of the ceilings, the sprawling yard and the magnificent flooring, you may also need to look for smart and safety home features such as having smoke alarms on the Sunshine Coast. These include intelligent security systems, lighting and air conditioning units and other automated devices.

Start small and don’t forget to make a list of all the important aspects you need to have. Doing so will make your house searching easier and more exciting, allowing you to enjoy your search and helping you enjoy your hard-earned money.

Author: Carrie Sze

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